What We Do


ArchaeoLink  works in partnership with researchers, archaeologists, anthopologists, museums and the local community, acting as facilitator, to produce a Needs Assessment Report with recommendations. While certain services and products may also be provided in conjunction with local institutions, the implementation of objectives remains in the domain of the community and its stakeholders.


Key Objectives:

  • Facilitate Public Engagement & Community Outreach
  • Promote education: multi-generational
  • Stimulate local economy
  • Enhance visitor experience
  • Encourage environmental sustainability
  • Support inclusivity, equality and social cohesion 



What  might  we do  for  you ?

ArchaeoLink's Initiatives  include :

  • encouraging local participation
  • making the site's 'story' presentable
  • promoting the site's unique 'story'
  • organising community events
  • enabling local residents as guides
  • creating schools' programmes
  • re-establishing traditional crafts
  • writing informative literature
  • establishing appropriate signage
  • providing user-friendly maps
  • helping with displays
  • suggesting basic economic strategies
  • liaising with travel & tourism industry
  • assisting with media exposure

Building Partnerships

between anthropologists, archaeological teams, heritage researchers and their host communities: fostering local involvement in heritage and archaeology, emphasising connections between people and the past.


Developing Resources

Inherent in the archaeological site and its surrounds to provide the basis for ongoing benefits to the community through education and enterprise.


Making a Difference

working in tandem with local authorities to identify, engage with and promote their archaeology and heritage to encourage global understanding and interest.