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Our success, and specifically how much we can achieve in situ, is very much dependent on the funds we raise. 
We sincerely thank the generosity of our Sponsors :



Georgeann Johnson



Marco Gillies



Meg Thorley



Charley Draper



Gareth Hodges
Eabha O'Leary Fitzpatrick
Katerina Christofidou
Anthony Bristow

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Christos Tsirogiannis






The Isaac Newton Trust


The Prometheus Trust









Leslie & Colin Masson



Jiljane Brace



The Dona Family



Willy Fankhauser



URGENT : Please help fund our project in Tanzania and see the unique opportunities we are offering you here: www.gofundme.com/valuable-tanzanian-heritage 


Lois Hopper



Mark & Barbara Pankhurst



Claire Bolderson



Colman Farrell



Anthony Livingston Hall



Jeanne O’Connel



Mirella Wright



Bill Samuels